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Antibody drug conjugates (ADC´s) are one of the fastest growing classes of therapeutic agents for the treatment of cancer. All approved as well as the majority of clinically evaluated ADCs are generated by conjugation strategies that randomly address natural occurring reactive groups what leads to heterogeneous product mixtures affecting critical parameters like efficacy, pharmacokinetic and safety profile of an ADC. BTI GmbH was founded as a linkage between academia and industry. With the vision to provide a robust and versatile enzyme-based conjugation platform BTI developed its novel TrypCo® Technology.

TrypCo® Technology

Beside further improvements concerning the identification of adequate tumor antigens, linker optimization as well as the discovery and validation of novel highly potent drugs, the site-specific conjugation of the payload to the antibody plays a crucial part in the design of next-generation ADCs.
In this regard, we developed TrypCo® technology, a versatile enzyme-based conjugation platform enabling efficient N- or C-terminal modification of basically any protein with a virtually unlimited variety of artificial functionalities like fluorescent probes, toxins or polymers. TrypCo® features a fast and efficient one-step labeling procedure under mild reaction conditions without the need of co-factors or special agents.

The TrypCo® technology features a high flexibility towards site of conjugation and the generated drug-to-antibody ratio (DAR). By combining the N- and C-terminal modification we are able to synthesize a comprehensive range of ADC’s with a defined DAR of 2, 4, 6 or 8. Additionally we engineered a set of different TrypCoZymes with orthogonal recognition sequences to enable the attachment of distinct payloads within one antibody to benefit from synergistic effects.

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BIO International Convention 2019

3rd June 2019 - 6th June 2019

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15th Annual PEGS Boston

8th April 2019 - 12th April 2019

Winner of the Poster competition in Session B (Poster B27).

9th World ADC Europe Summit 2019

4th March 2019 – 6th March 2019

World ADC London is Europe’s leading antibody-drug conjugate conference. Across three days, this comprehensive three streamed programme will cover every element of ADCs from discovery and development to manufacturing and clinical use. Attend World ADC London to validate novel ADC targets, improve understanding of mechanisms driving toxicity in clinical development and robustly scale up process development to support commercialisation. BTI GmbH will be presenting its novel TrypCo® technology at the event.

We offer the talk, which Marcus Böhme gave during the 9th World ADC Europe 2019, as a download


Dr. Thomas Richter, Managing Director/CEO

Thomas joined BTI as Managing Director in January 2014 shortly after its foundation. He implemented BTI’s translation approach from academic research to industrial use by establishing first collaboration projects. Thomas is a biochemist and economist by profession and looked back on a successful investment banking carrier of more than 10 years before he switched to the pharmaceutical industry sector. Since then he held several Senior Management and Sales position and was more than 3 years responsible for an US-based CDMO as Managing Director.

René Wartner, Andreas Simon and Marcus Böhme (from left to right) are the scientific team behind the TrypCo® technology. They all graduated in Biochemistry/Biotechnology at the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg and possess several years of experience in the field of directed evolution, enzyme engineering and bioconjugates. When starting the TrypCo®-related cooperative project in 2015 they joined BTI as they were involved in the development of these enzymes from the early stage beginning.

The team is scientifically advised by Prof. Frank Bordusa (Head of Naturstoffbiochemie at the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg) being an expert in peptide chemistry and applied biocatalysis. His work and advice lays the foundation for developing the TrypCoZymes making him a valuable and indispensable academic partner.